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As part of our work to embed our Anti Bullying strategy across the school we have been learning lots about ‘bullying behaviours’ over the past few weeks. (November 2016)

 We have had a number of whole school assemblies on this theme which have been followed up with focussed lessons in class. All children were invited to share their concerns anonymously last week and we have collated the responses received. The questions we asked were:

  1. Who do you think displays bullying behaviours?
  2. Who are you worried about being bullied?

We know and accept that children will fall out with friends and this can affect who they might identify on any given day. With regards to the first question we are contacting parents and carers of children who were named a minimum of six times by their peers as displaying bullying behaviours.

We will set up meetings with parents and carers to discuss how best we can support the children identified to manage their peer relationships better.  We will also meet with each of the children in school to share these concerns and to think about the reasons their peers would have for naming them and to discuss support strategies.

With regard to the second question we will meet with any child who has been identified more than three times to discuss how they are feeling. We will then agree supports, if required, and share this with their parents and carers.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact either Mrs Forbes or Miss Oliver.

PKC - Anti Bullying Strategy

Letham Primary Anti Bullying Policy Nov 2014