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P7 - Talking about our Learning

Monday 22nd May

Happy Birthday Thomas!


Monday 15th to Friday 19th

Written and published by Thomas

This week we've been working on lots of things in class. My favourite parts were learning about more about fractions and learning what a perimeter and area is. We calculared some of these together, and we're going to try to do some of this ourselves next week. 

Another good thing was when I remembered my personal writing target which was to make sure my writing makes sense. I remembered to take my card off the wall which sometimes I forget to do! 

I think the class highlight for the whole class was when Mr Dudding announced that we are going to be doing more murder mystery challenges in reading and for home learning. Brody suggested this in our stars and wishes time and everyone was super excited. Brody said we should do this again because, "it kept me busy in a fun way for ages at home, so I went home and did this instead of playing the Xbox...Also, you get to practice lots of your learning eventhough it's fun and it's reading, like maths...I can't wait to get the new one!"                 


Monday 15th to Friday 19th     

           Safe Taysiders       

    Co-written by Katie and Kieran H

   Published by Mr Dudding 


Ealrier this week we went to a P7 event at the army barraks in Perth, near Asda. The event was all about keeping safe in specific ways, which is part of our Health and Well-Being Learning. There were lots of different stations / rooms you went to - around 15 - and each one tried to teach you about being safe and responsible in a different way. Our favourite one was probably the counterfeit one. It told you how to be safe buying things, in case you end up getting something that's dangerous. The key message was to be careful of where you buy your things, especially if you're shoping at car boot sales.

 Monday 8th to Friday 12th         

Scottish Opera         

    Co-written by Thomas, Jack M and Mr Dudding

   Published by Mr Dudding 


So this week we did a thing called Scotiish Opera. Well actually, we've been doing it a lot because we've been practising the singing and learning the music and words. Anyways, this week was our performace! We had a practice performance and the P1/2s and P4s were a really well behaved audience! Then we did the actual performance to some of our parents who came to watch us. My favourite song was The Chase, which told part of the Tam O Shanter story when Tam was getting chased by the witches!  


 Monday 13th to Friday 17th         

           The Black Watch Museum         

    Co-written by Jamie and Brody

   Published by Mr Dudding 

Last Tuesday P7 went to The Black Watch Museum. At the museum we were all split up into 3 groups, group 1 read old WW2 letters and wrote back, group 2 did a scavenger hunt to find specific things, and group 3 tried on kilts and held guns that were used in WW2.

We spent half an hour at each activity, three of us liked the trenches the best; another three liked the dress up and guns the best; two of us liked the letters; and Alexander liked the names room. Mr Dudding liked trapping us in the trench the best.




Monday 6th to Friday 10th

Co-written by Jamie and Brody

Published by Mr Dudding 

P7 have been learning about Germany and have seen a lot of powerpionts about lots of German things.The main thing that we have been learning about is World War 2 and about all of the armies and all of their thoughts about how to win the war.

 We’ve been learning about propaganda, and why that was so important in the war.      

We have also been leaning to see how much sugar is in different juices and energy drinks. We used some cool science equipment and chemicals to test to see how much sugar was in different bottles of still and fizzy juice. When we tested a bottle of cream soda it showed that there was no sugar in it but Mr Dudding and Mr Anderson thought it was wrong; we’re going to test this again soon! The class thought it was so cool.