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Primary 5 - Mrs Bodle

4.12.18 – Home Learning

This week we are starting to plan and prepare for our P1- P7 Christmas Concert which will be held on Wednesday 19th December from 1.30-3.15pm. Tickets cost £1.50 and can be purchased from the school office from Friday 30th November. Please note tickets are limited to 2 per family.

Therefore, this week’s home learning is to practise the words for our song. The song sheet has been handed out today – 4.12.18.


Anti-Bullying Week (26th-30th November 2018)

Last week we had a whole school focus on anti-bullying.  Please check SeeSaw for some of the learning we took part in.

“Always be kind and don’t show bullying behaviours! Be a buddy not a bully!” – KC

Some of us even managed to keep a kindness diary at home by writing times when we were kind to others or others were kind to us!



Takes place on: 07/12/2018 at 2.30 in the P5 Classroom Please come and join us to find out more about SeeSaw- our new digital profiling tool. This will be an opportunity to sign up if you haven't already, ensure you have your child's code and know how to access everything as well as a chance to find out more, ask questions and most importantly explore a bit more with your child. You will receive a leaflet for you to take away with you and some helpful tips as to questions you can ask about your child's learning. We really hope that you or another family member are able to join us for this important opportunity to see your child's progress with their learning so far this session!


19.11.18 – Book Week

This is Book Week so the class have been invited to bring in books from home to read in class for our ‘Drop and Read’ sessions.

As part of your on-going home learning, please try to read for enjoyment every night. Each child is setting a personal goal to see how much they can read or how many stories they can listen to by the end of the week.

Below are some of the ways that you can enjoy some family time and get into reading:

  • Visit the library
  • Read together, whenever you can
  • Newspapers, recipes, comics, shopping lists are all valuable opportunities to get into reading
  • Talk to your child about what they’re reading; and about what you’re reading
  • Research and read about your child’s topic
  • Read before sleeps – Did you know reading a book before falling asleep can improve the quality of your sleep?


A lovely quote from one of our class members… “Once I start a book, I just can’t stop!”


Class Context

This term we are learning about Light and Sound. To start with we are trying to answer the following Big Question – Where does light come from?  If you would like to bring in any information/books on light to share with the class, this would be very helpful.


Little Questions – Planning our learning

Here are some of the Little Questions that we have asked so far…

I want to know how many kilometres an hour the speed of light actually is?

How does the sun produce light? How is light made? How much electricity do we need to make light? (I know that the last 2 questions are like big questions.)

Can we check that the sun is a giant star?

How do you make batteries?

How do people get close to the sun to get the light?

Is it possible to go really close to the sun?

Is the light the sun? Is it the moon and sunlight that make the street lights light at night?

 19.11.18 – Home Learning (issued 20.11.18)

Please return for Friday 23.11.18 (Golden Tickets for those who do!)


Spelling – (complete the task on the sheet or record in your jotter if you would prefer)

Group 1   The verb endings -s, -ed and -ing

Following the rule

For most regular verbs just add -s, -ed and -ing:

melt → melts → melted → melting.


Group 2   Prefixes

Following the rule

A prefix is a group of letters added to the root of a word

to make a new word, such as un-, de-, dis-, re- and pre-.


2.11.18 - Class Blog and Rugby Dates 

Just to let you know that P5 will be taking part in two Outdoor Rugby sessions during the school day. (Friday 9 November and Friday 23 November 2018) Please bring a warm change of outdoor clothes.  It may be cold weather and the grass may be a little muddy.  We look forward to telling you how we got on!


Today we evaluated our Animal context and are very pleased to report that we managed to answer all of our little questions.  We realised that we had actually learned far more than we had planned!  We hope you enjoyed our class assembly on this learning.  Our next steps are to plan our new context which will be split into two parts.  Here are the Big Questions:

How is light made?

Where does sound come from?


31.10.18 – Home Learning


Group 1  –le endings

Following the rule:

After a long vowel sound use one consonant before -le, such as table.

After a short vowel sound use two consonants before -le, such as bottle.


Group 2    Homophones

Words that sound the same but have different spellings are called homophones, such as see and sea.


Complete the task for your group and hand in on Friday 2 November 2018. Golden Tickets and House Points for those who remember!

Well done to those who have already completed and handed in their home learning.


26.10.18 - Home Learning and Class Blog

Just to let you know that there are some new activities available indefinitely on Education City. You can work through them in any order and at your own pace.  The activities either reinforce current learning in class or revisit previous learning.  Spelling home learning will start next week as discussed at parent contact.


Class Blog - 26.10.18

This week we have been working on our assembly all about animals. We have learned a bit about making a PowerPoint to share our learning.  Next week we are going to be having a go at making PowerPoints of our own.  (KM)


Our assembly is today. Some of us are talking, singing and dancing.  We have worked very hard on this learning.  Some of us are very excited and some of us are a little bit scared.  We can do it! (ES + KC)


Also, next Monday afternoon to finish our Animals context learning we are designing animal cupcakes. (ES)


17.9.18 - Home Learning and Book Fair

I hope you are all getting on well with your Learn Its this week! Lots of you are regularly beating your previous scores which is great to see.  Please return the learning by Friday.  Thank you!


This Friday, P5 will visit the Book Fair in school where they will get a chance to look at what is on offer. They may choose to buy something on Friday or take a slip home with the details of what they would like, to share at home.  The Book Fair is open until next Thursday so they may go back to place their order after the weekend.


Class Blog 24.8.18

This week we worked together as a class to agree our high expectations of how we can make good choices in class so that we are able to learn and be the best that we can be!


First we noted our ideas in words and pictures on graffiti boards.

Next we shared our ideas with each other.

Then we sorted all of the suggestions in to 3 main easy to remember headings of how we should behave in class.

READY              RESPECTFUL              SAFE


“We put drawings of our class expectations up on the wall.” KC



With most of us having enjoyed our Sea Creatures Context in P4, we thought it would be interesting to build upon this learning in P5 by learning about more animals and in particular Endangered Animals. We are excited to start and have so far used our P5 Voice (our thoughts, ideas and opinions) to create this list of little questions to help us answer our Big Question – Why are some animals endangered?

Our Little Questions…

“How many more endangered animals are left?” – CF

“What is the most endangered animal?” – AG

“Would dinosaurs be counted as endangered animals?” – KM

“Did some dinosaurs survive?” – AK

“What endangered animals have been put into zoos?” – CF (tigers + lions?)

“How many animals are alive? I want to know how many more animals are left.” – KC

“What is the least endangered animal?” – DA

“Have white rhinos gone extinct yet?” – AM

“What does extinct mean?” – AB, MM, LM, ES, AG, KC, AM, ED, KF, ES, HR, AK, DA, KM, JG, IB

“How many endangered animals are extinct?” ES

Please feel free to bring in any books/information about this context to share with the class. Remember to ask for permission first!



We are excited to be experimenting with our new online profiling system called SEESAW which is new to most of us in P5. The children have been experimenting with it on IPads and are looking forward to posting their work into their individual profiles. This will be available for you to view later in the session.

Thank you for the completed permission slips. Please return any further SEESAW parental consent forms to school as soon as possible.


Home Learning

We have been working hard over the last week to check our progress in several aspects of Literacy and Numeracy/ Maths to give us starting points for learning in P5. Once this process is completed, information will follow about home learning.  In the meantime, Sumdog passwords and Education City passwords will be issued for use at home this week.

P5 and Mrs Bodle 


Class Blog 14.8.18 - Welcome back!

This week we will be doing lots of getting ready to learn activities and reminding ourselves of the high expectations we have in class and around the school.


“Our first day back has been great!”

“On our first day we have learned everything we need to know about our classroom.”

“People have been learning where all our resources are kept in the classroom.”

“We have agreed phrases and actions for when the class needs to stop and listen. Here are our favourites so far…”

Our ‘Ready/Not Ready’ phrases/actions so we know when to stop and listen.

  • clap
  • hands on top, everybody stop
  • 1,2,3 eyes on me
  • 1,2,3 mac and cheese
  • class 1,2,3
  • hocus pocus, everyone focus
  • ham and cheese, everybody freeze
  • 1,2,3 look at me
  • 1,2,3 spy on me


Some useful information:

  • P5 may bring in their own snack for break time or access the Tuck Shop for 20p.
  • You may bring a water bottle to use in class. We are very lucky to have a sink in our room where bottles can be refilled as required.
  • Music - Monday
  • P.E. - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (please have P.E. kit for these days)
  • Soft Landing - Friday (You may bring your own toy, nothing valuable, no electronic devices and you will be responsible for looking after anything you may bring.)

Home Learning

Information about home learning will follow and be updated on this page.

Keep in Touch

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require further clarification about anything above or indeed on any matter relating to your child. I will be happy to help in any way.

Mrs Bodle