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Letham Summer Lunch Club

The lunch club was a great success with a total of 84 families attending over the six week summer holiday period, with 1518 occurrences of families attending for lunch and activities. There was very little drop off over the 6 week period with an average of 50 people attending daily over the 30 day period.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from agencies who offered to deliver a wide range of activities:

  •  Community Link Work Team, who led the project
  •  Tesco Fare Share- providing majority of food supplies for free
  •  Perth Foodbank- providing dry ingredients and tins
  •  Active schools
  •  Family Learning Team
  •  Time to Play
  •  Perth City Social Work Team
  •  Family Focus team

We also had a wide range of volunteers who supported:

  • Perth Baptist Church
  • Parents/Grandparents/Carers
  • Teachers (Letham PS, Goodlyburn PS and Perth Academy staff)
  • Perth Harriers
  • The Cooks and Cleaning ladies who work in the schools came along as volunteers

Some of the comments we received back on the evaluation survey included:

“It provided a free activity for us which was important this summer because I was not working and sourcing free activities is actually quite difficult! I think the lunch club was a fantastic idea and success and I hope that it or something similar can continue during the holidays.” (parent/carer) 

“It has broken up the summer for us as due to financial restrictions we have not been able to go on holiday.” (parent/carer)

 “Had a fantastic time at lunch club over the holidays kids loved it we had great fun on the trips and hope it's on again next summer” (parent/carer)