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Cinema Trip - BFG

We would like to thank Perth Playhouse for hosting a special performance of the BFG today - all children from P1 to P7 were treated to cinema trip to mark the end of our Roald Dahl celebrations.  The feedback we have received so far is that almost all children loved the movie!

We would also like to thank our staff and parent helpers for supervising the children on the walk there and back - it's a long walk but without their support trips like these cannot go ahead.

We continually remind all children of  the importance of following school rules and following adult instructions immediately - we do this to ensure the safety of all children and to ensure everyone has a nice time.

Unfortunately, a small number of children across P3-7 did not behave appropriately whilst walking next to busy roads and while in the cinema; I'm sure you will agree how dangerous this is.  We have contacted their parents to advise them how disappointed we are and the children were issued with Red Slips.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for my own mistake today!  I was in charge of organising refreshments and bought bottled water and crisps for everyone. I delivered it to the cinema and was left confused by my counting as I had lots of water left over - I now realise that not every class was given their bottles!  The children in P7 and P1 who did not receive water will be given a bottle on Monday and I will apologise again during our Monday morning Get Together - even Head Teachers make mistakes :-)

Kind regards,

Sharon Forbes, HT

(There were a few mumbles about the healthier option for snack but as this was not a reward trip we felt we needed to set a good example this time - it also kept costs down which we know parents appreciate!)