Letham Primary School

Letham Primary School
Life at Letham Primary School

Golden Breakfast

Golden Tickets are issued to children across P1-7 by staff to acknowledge a range of positive behaviours including:

  • Working hard
  • Good listening
  • Being kind
  • Being helpful
  • Persevering
  • Compromising
  • Keeping the Golden Rules
  • Using the  'Follow the 5 to Survive' strategies

On a Monday morning a ticket from each class from the previous week is drawn and the children join Mrs White or Ms Northcott for a 'Golden Breakfast & Blether'.This is a lovely opportunity for children to discuss what they enjoy about school and to raise any problems.  Over the course of a school year we expect all children will participate in a Breakfast & Blether session at least once each; this also provides us with a fantastic opportunity to gather the views of all children!