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Head Lice

It has come to our attention that there are cases of head lice across the school.

We would therefore ask that every parent check their own child’s head for live adult lice.

If you find live lice then please treat the child’s head to get rid of them before your child comes back to school. The treatment recommended by the School Nurse is Suleo –M or Derbac-M, both of which are available on prescription from your Family Doctor or Health Visitor; most products also recommend that you repeat the treatment in 7 days time. Please note that it is also advisable to wash bedding at a hot wash and check the heads of the whole family.

If you do not find any live lice then please do not treat the hair.

Using a nit comb once a week, together with hair conditioner, will also help early detection of lice. The conditioner makes it easier to comb them out and can loosen nits [the eggs of lice].

As you know, it only takes one family NOT to check heads weekly for head lice to become a problem in the class. So please support us as we try to make LETHAM a lice-free school.