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How Good is Our School at Helping Me to Stay Safe?

How good is our school at helping our children to stay safe?

This term we are again asked to take a look at how good Perth and Kinross schools are at helping children and young people to stay safe. Across the authority children and young people from P4 to S6 will have the opportunity to complete a short and anonymous online survey about how good our school is at helping them to stay safe. The responses will then help identify what should be a priority for us in terms of keeping our children safe.

The questions they will be asked are, for example, about:-

  • the extent to which school teaches them to stay safe online
  • whether someone here will listen and help if a child has a concern
  • knowing how to report bullying that happens on twitter or facebook

Secondary school pupils will also be asked additional questions, for example about:-

  • being sent indecent images
  • being asked to meet someone face to face who they only know from online encounters


Responding to the questions will take about 5 minutes and the survey is anonymous.