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New Depute Head Teacher

We are pleased to share the news that we have been successful in appointing a new DHT for Letham Primary. 

Miss Oliver will be joining us from Monday 26th October from her current post at Viewlands Primary. 

Mrs Maclaughlan will continue in her role as Acting DHT until then and will resume her duties as P6/7 class teacher after the October holidays.  Parent Contact appointments for P6/7 will take place at the end of November with Mrs Maclaughlan.

Mrs Rowan finishes with us on Friday 11th September - we are extremely grateful to her for providing P6/7 with such a great start to the school year.

As we have been unable to get a supply teacher for the last four weeks of this term Miss Simpson will take P6/7 through to the holidays as she is not class committed this session.