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Pupil Equity Fund - Free School Trips

As part of our improvement planning for session 18/19 we will be reviewing how we currently deliver 'IDL' - interdisciplinary learning (topics or contexts).  Our staff and children have told us the engaging beyond the school and having the opportunity to experience real-life contexts through trips and visits is really important.

School trips can be very expensive due to transport costs. This year we have worked really hard to keep costs down thanks to Derek, Mrs Irvine and Mrs McNaughton volunteering to drive mini-buses and people carriers. 

We are aware that asking some of our families for £5-£10 for a trip can be difficult. 

Next session all children who have registered for Free School Meals will have their school trips subsided by the Pupil Equity Fund - full details of this fund can be found here: https://beta.gov.scot/publications/pupil-equity-fund-information-for-parents-and-carers/

If you have not yet registered for Free School Meals please do so as soon as possible - even if they are in P1-3 as this will also provide you with support with school clothing. 

Further advice is available through the PKC Welfare Rights Team and via PKC also:

Please click this link for the new online form - no paper copies available: Free School Meals