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School Dinners

The price of a school meal in Perth and Kinross has been held for a third year! In Primary schools a two-course meal is £2.15 daily whilst Secondary schools vary according to selection, although a typical two-course meal deal is still just £2.30. 

The menu offer has been changing to meet new Scottish Government Regulations which are designed to encourage healthy eating habits from an early age. The melas provide approximately one third of a young person’s daily nutritional needs. Taking school meals and understanding their value is intended to also reap benefits in later years through a wider understanding of healthier eating and good nutrition, which is reinforced through learning and teaching. 

The menu provides three choices of main item daily and we continue to try and provide a good variety for those who have adapted dietary menus. There are tasting opportunities for young people in out primary schools on a regular basis and occasionally for parents too. 

We hope the pupils enjoy the revised menu which starts after the Easter break.

Menu information* is available at:

www.pkc.gov.uk/schoolmeals and https://www.tayside-contracts.co.uk/catering (this site also includes an interactive primary school menu which provides ingredient and recipe information which can also help allergy sufferers self-manage their meal choices)


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