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06.03.17 Social Skills - Listening

During our Get Together this morning we discussed how being a good listener can help friends get along well. We also thought about how arguments often start when people tell others' something they may have heard.  We demonstrated through a game of Chinese Whispers how easily a simple message can be changed as it is passed along. 

Our Get Together theme came in really handy later in the day when three different groups of children across P5-7 met with Mrs Forbes to discuss difficulties they had had with friends. Mrs Forbes demonstrated how quickly the meaning behind something can change:

Friend 1 - Doesn't Joanne's hair look awfully nice today?

Friend 2 - Guess what Joanne! Sharon said your hair looks awful today!

Please remind your children that they should listen to what their friends have to say to them and they should report any concerns to staff who will be happy to help resolve any misunderstandings.


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