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Social Snack Update

We are delighted to share that Social Snack will be free for our P1-4 pupils for the foreseeable future!  Our younger children really enjoy their snack time and we are very lucky that we are being supported by Perth Foodbank and Tesco Fair Share to provide a range of healthy break time snacks.

Toast, garlic bread, pasta, beans, soup, porridge, cereals, crackers and cheese along with fresh fruit are the main items on our menu.  Mrs Biggins and Mrs Taylor are our dream team who prepare the snack for our younger 6 classes in just 20 minutes! 

We encourage all children across P1-4 to join in with social snack and would ask that you do not send in unhealthy snacks for morning break e.g. crisps, chocolate, sweeties, juice.

We still have to buy butter, milk, cheese, bread and fresh fruit on a weekly basis and will focus our school fundraising efforts around this - donations are always welcome!

Pupils across P5-7 will continue to access our tuck-shop for a reduced cost of 20p per day!