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Thursday 1st March - Severe Weather

Good afternoon

Lots of fun was had in the snow at lunchtime today!  Only about half of our pupils were in school but we hope everyone else had lots of fun too - I expect our teachers will be planning their 'Winter Big Write' for next week!

Plans for tomorrow (at the moment):

* Nursery Closed all day

* Breakfast Club closed

*School open to P1-P7 pupils

* Severe Weather plans in operation: all children to enter via main door

Due to the Red Weather warning a number of staff will be unable to safely travel to work.  Derek, our janitor, lives outwith Perth and he may not be able to open the school for us. We should know by 7.30am if we are able to get the building open and will update our social media sites if there are any changes to the current plan.

Please remember the safety of both yourselves and your children - a day in the snow or snuggled up watching a movie together may be the best thing for you and your family.

Kind regards

Mrs Forbes, Head Teacher