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When I Grow Up - part 3

We have been blown away by the fantastic response from staff, family, friends and local organisations who have agreed to come along on Monday afternoon to support our careers fair!

Please click the link below to see what your child has chosen - if they have a costume, uniform or strip please send this to school as they will be able to get changed in the afternoon. (Football colours are allowed for this special event if this is what they have selected!)

When I Grow Up - Pupil List



Mechanic / Engineer/ Builder

Alex P4 Jake P4 Lee P2, Kiefer P3/4

Khai P5/6


Jake P2, David P1/2,

Policeman / Detective / Bounty Hunter

Jack K P7, Alfie P2, Lucas P2, Connor P3, Alex P3/4, Arran P3/4, Jayden P3/4, Ross P1/2

Paige P5/6

Rueben P6, Daniel P1/2 Cameron P1/2 (dog handler)

Jack P1/2, Logan P1/2, Kenzie P1/2, Callum P1/2, Joshua P1/2


Matthew P7


Basketball player

Alana P3/4



Ben P7, Brendan P7, Jack F P7, Liam P4/5

James P3/4, Lewis P3/4, Thomas P3/4, Sebastian P3/4

Jack P5/6, Cayden P5/6

Dance teacher


Skating coach

Eiledh P4, Ava P2, Penny P2 Paige P2, Rebecca P2

Caitlin p3/4, Ella P3/4, Dakota P4/5, Sarina P4/5, Amber P4/5

Kiera P7, Hannah P3

Horse rider

Kayleigh P4, Sarah P3/4, Mia P3/4, Millie P3/4

Zoo Owner/Vet/Dog Walker

Guide Dog Trainer


Isaac P4, Jack P4, Emilika P7, Marley P2, Emily P2, Jack P2 Erin P3,

Natalia p3, Amber P4/5

Elizabeth P1/2, Andrew P1/2, Rosie   P1/2, Leigh P4 Jessica P4/5 Patricia P4/5,

Charley P5/6, Tayler P5/6


Emily P4, Emma D P4, Charley P7, Cerys P2, Lexie P2, Janneke P2

Sia P3, Khloe P3, Ellie P3, Stacey P3, Hannah P3, Macie P3, Aimee P4/5

Mia P5/6, Ellis P5/6, Kya P5/6

Video Game Designer/ You-tuber

Kyle P4, Kieran P4/5, Connor P4/5

Theo P3, Mirren P3, Cameron P3, Ben P3, Diesel P3, Amy P3, Olivia P3, Rhys P3, Casey P3 Iosif P4/5

Nurse/Paramedic/ Doctor

Chloe P4, Kensi P3, Emma P3/4, Kayleigh P4/5, Kendal P1/2

Aidan P5/6

Dental assistant


Miriam P4




Aiden P4


Megan P2, Devin P1/2

Chocolate Factory Owner / Cake Designer

Dylan P2

Dress Designer

Leah P4/5 Ella P4/5 Charley P5/6

Hairdresser / Nail Artist

Katie P7, Iacob P2, Sophie P2, Holly P1/2

Kara P4/5


 Architect / Scientist

Aimee P4, Danny P7, Bailey P4/5, Alfie P4/5, Lewis P4/5, Amy-Lee P4/5


Euan P7, Jack P3, Duncan P3, Rhys P3, Ozcan P1/2


Emma S P4, Pieter P7, Caitlin P2, Jessica P4/5

Musician/Pop Star

Maddison P4 Dilara P4 Kiera P4, Sophie P4/5, Ellie P4/5, Maya P1/2, Leah P1/2, Maisie P1/2, Amy P2, Ellie P5/6

Comedian / Actor

Dario P7, Josh P2, Aiden P3/4


Macy P1,

If your child's name is not on the list please do not worry - some don't know yet but will still be able to find out about lots of different professions!

We will take lots of photographs and these will be shared for all to enjoy!