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Nursery Attendance

Session 2022-23

Please find PKC updated Nursery absence policy on our noticeboard. 

Key workers have discussed how this affects you and your family. We appreciate your support in following the guidance. 

Our direct nursery phone number: 01738 477698


PKC have published new guidance for all nurseries which requires all parents and carers to inform their nursery if their child is absent.

In order to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all children it is essential that parents/carers exercise responsibility to: -

  • Keep the nursery/school up to date with telephone numbers and emergency contacts.
  • Inform the nursery/school of any pre-arranged absence.
  • Inform the nursery/school of their child’s absence no later than 15 minutes after the start of the session.
  • Respond promptly to contacts from nursery/school asking why their child is not in nursery.
  • Share any concerns they have around their family with nursery staff to help ensure sensitive support for the child; and/or share those concerns with the child’s Named Person.

If Nursery staff are not contacted the following steps will be followed to find out the whereabouts of nursery children:

  • Nursery staff to phone main contact/s
  • Nursery staff to phone emergency contact/s
  • Nursery staff to alert Centre Leader
  • Centre Leader to contact Health Visitor
  • Centre Leader to contact Duty Social Work if appropriate

Please support us to comply with this new guidance by phoning, texting or emailing us if your child is absent from  nursery:

Nursery and Absence Line-  01738 477698

Email: lecc@pkc.gov.uk