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2018 -19

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Letham Primary School Aims


I want to learn skills for life and work now and in the future

I am excited by new experiences and challenges

I aim high


I care for myself, others and the world I live in

I respect our differences and strengths


I have a sense of belonging and a part to play in an ever-changing world

I can bounce back from setbacks in learning and life

Being the best I can be, honest and kind, willing to try





Dear Parent/Carer,


Welcome to our nursery. Our aim is to provide your child with a happy, nurturing, supportive learning environment. We encourage children to be active learners by being curious, taking responsibility, making choices and developing independence. It is important for parents and staff to work together. We welcome involvement of parents in on-going nursery activities.


You are the most important person in your child’s life. To give your child the best experience we ask that mobile phones are not used in nursery, particularly at drop off and collection times. Your child is so keen to see you and possibly share something about their day, even if it is all about a little special pebble their friend gave them!



Nursery Day           Our current times for Session 2018-19


AM: 8.45-11.57                    PM: 12.03-3.15            Full day: 8.45-3.05pm

Each part time session is 3 hours 12 minutes. PKC have offered parents more choice of how they wish to use their child’s 5 sessions. Children who have 2 sessions in one day will take part in social lunch time with their peers and nursery adults. Our school cook is wonderful!

Children must always be brought to and collected from nursery by a responsible adult (a person over the age of sixteen). Please inform the nursery if anyone else is collecting your child.


Learning and the Curriculum

Your child is on a learning journey. We will talk about next steps and milestones throughout the journey. Every child has a ‘Learning Book’. This is a large book tracking their learning through school.


Educational experiences in the early years are developed through play. We currently keep parents informed of learning through the school website and our noticeboards. If you wish further details about the curriculum which is offered, please speak to nursery staff.

Your child will have a key worker who will happily discuss progress throughout the year on an informal basis. You will have various opportunities to find out more about nursery and the curriculum through stay and play and shared learning sessions.


“Play helps build a warm relationship and strong attachments… and it creates a bank of positive feelings and experiences. Through play you can help your children to solve problems, test out ideas and explore their imaginations. Playtime with adults encourages the development of vocabulary so that children learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings, needs + ideas.”

The Incredible Years   Carolyn Webster-Stratton






Developmental Milestones

Perth and Kinross have nine pre-school developmental milestones. We will discuss these with you during your child’s time in nursery. They are:

  • Speech and Language: Communicates clearly with adults and peers
  • Gross Motor Skills: Has good control of body movements
    1. Fine Motor Skills: Has good control of fine body movements
    2. Social Development: Demonstrates age appropriate social development
    3. Emotional development: Demonstrates age appropriate emotional development
  • Behaviour: Demonstrates age appropriate positive behaviour
  • Attention: Demonstrates age appropriate attention span
  • Hearing: Child is free of Hearing impairment
  • Sight: Child is free of Visual impairment   Snack  
  2. We follow guidance from the Scottish Government; Setting the Table. A snack is provided for the children each day with an emphasis on healthy eating. The snack menu is displayed on our nursery notice board.

A compulsory contribution from parents of £1.00 per week to cover snack costs can be paid through Parent Pay. We will give you details how to do this when your child starts.

Each child receives free milk.


Special events

Please let us know about special events in your child’s life. We aim to celebrate each child’s birthday in nursery. Due to clear food and nutrition guidance we do ask that no cakes are brought in by parents.



Tooth brushing

All children are invited to take part in the Tayside Tooth Brushing Programme. This is to supplement tooth brushing at home. All children have their own brushes and clean their teeth after snack. If you do not wish your child to take part please tell your key member of staff or the nursery teacher.



Occasionally we visit local places of interest to extend our children’s knowledge.A consent form for such outings can be signed when your child starts nursery.




When dressing your child for nursery please remember that your child should:

  • feel comfortable in order to enjoy and take part in nursery activities by wearing suitable clothing and footwear.
  • be able to push up his/her sleeves easily in order to wash hands, take part in water, sand and paint play.
  • be able to go to the toilet independently (as far as possible).Children come to nursery to play and clothes may get pen, paint or other stains on them. Aprons are always encouraged! Trainers are ideal footwear for all the activities your child will be involved in. Welly boots are very handy to have at your child’s peg.  During warmer weather please ensure that your child is protected from the sun. It will help to protect your child from the sun if you:
  • Sun Aware
  • Dress for Scottish weather! Bring a warm, waterproof jacket/coat suitable for outdoor play and activities. Outdoor play is a daily routine!
  • All clothing should have your child’s name on. A spare set (pants, socks, top and trousers) can be kept in a bag on your child’s peg.
  • Use sunscreen and please apply before your child comes to nursery-SPF 30 or above.
  • Choose clothes that protect and keep cool. Ideally clothing made of cotton, with collars to protect the neck, longer sleeves on tops, longer shorts and dresses.
  • Provide a hat to be worn outside- with a neck protecting flap, a wide brim or a cap with a front shade.
  • If you choose sunglasses please make sure they have UV protection. Children’s eyes are very sensitive to light.Emergency contact Please let us know of any change to your address, telephone number, doctor name, etc.Health In fairness to everyone please do not bring your child to nursery if he/she is unwell. We do not have facilities or staff to care for an unwell child. If your child has sickness/ diarrhoea they must not come to Nursery. They are able to return 48 hours after illness has stopped.                     
  • Medication: A review of how medicines are administered in schools has recently taken place across PKC. Due to this we have had to review our protocols. If your child requires medication please arrange an appointment with Miss Johnstone to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Following Care Inspectorate guidance we will contact you should your child suffer a bump to the head while at nursery.
  • Please inform us of any change in your child’s health and of any infectious/contagious conditions.
  • Change of Address
  • Should your child become ill or have an accident while at nursery it is most important that we have an address and telephone number of someone other than yourself. In all circumstances we would try to contact you first but another contact is essential should you be unavailable.




Holiday dates can be found on the Perth and Kinross council website: http://www.pkc.gov.uk/article/17319/Future-school-term-and-holiday-dates-2018-2019



If your child is going to be absent please let us know before the start of the nursery session.                                                                                                                                                     Perth and Kinross Education & Children’s Services is committed to raising standards of performance and achievement in its schools.  At Letham Primary School we work closely with our health Visitors and Community Link Workers to support all children to attend school regularly.

In order for pupils to have the best possible chance of achieving their potential, it is in their best interests to attend school regularly.  In Perth and Kinross, we have a target of 96% attendance for all our pupils in primary schools and an expectation that we will work with parents and pupils to achieve this.

We are always happy to meet to discuss supporting attendance with parents and carers.



Please remember the car park at the front of the school is for staff and visitors only. This area should not be used to drop off or collect children at the start and end of their school day.

There is street parking on Struan Road for Nursery children.      

The yellow zig-zag area at the front of the school must be kept clear at all times – this space is required for emergency vehicle access.                                                                                            

If disabled access is required please speak to nursery staff.

Parents as partners


Parents are welcome to share opinions and suggest improvements through questionnaires and parent focus groups which provide an informal opportunity to be involved in improving the service.


Parents have the right to ask questions and make suggestions or complaints about aspects of nursery life. Please do ask nursery staff questions as we can usually answer queries there and then! Should you wish to discuss any matter privately with Miss Johnstone please do not hesitate to make an appointment.



Parents can make a complaint about a care service which is regulated by the Care Inspectorate. Please see the nursery notice board for further information or refer to the booklet: ‘How to use the Care Inspectorate Complaints Procedure’.

A parents “suggestions” box is in nursery.



Letham Primary School,                        

Struan Road,                                               




Telephone: (01738) 477550 Please use this school office number. We are often unable to answer our nursery telephone due to learning experiences with the children.


E-mail:   letham@pkc.gov.uk                  


Website: www.lethamprimary.org.uk


Mobile App:

Our website is frequently updated to keep you informed with news, dates and other important information. To ensure you have even easier access to this information we are pleased to launch our mobile app.

The app is free to download so please give it a try!




Twitter:   @LethamPSPerth


As Letham Primary is an ECO School we endeavour to be as paperless as possible. On our website you will find important diary dates and forthcoming events as well as individual class information. The site is updated weekly and we encourage you to access this as much as possible.