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Reading P1-3

Engaging children in activities that support their early language development is so important. At Letham Primary School it is lovely that parents embrace the holistic approach to reading and understand that it is far bigger than just having a reading book sent home. Songs, poems, rhymes, reading stories and having conversations are everyday examples of how to support your child’s language development. These activities help to introduce children to learn new words and their meaning.

“Early language skills – listening, understanding words, speaking and building vocabulary - are the vital foundations that enable children to learn to read.”

Getting Ready to Read, Care Inspectorate

 Here is a list of suggested activities that will help your child become a confident and enthusiastic reader.

   P1-3 Reading Grid by letham6313 on Scribd

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“Shared reading time between a parent and a child is a ‘sacred time’: The moment where you shut out the outside world with all its many electronic distractions, and both of you focus on a book, on a story and read together. This is the time where readers are made…”

Debi Gliori