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At Letham Primary School staff use a range of reporting activities to share and exchange information with learners, parents and carers. For example these include; shared learning sessions, school shows, stay and plays, pupil profiles, class assemblies, parent contact and written reports.

All staff are committed to helping learners understand their progress in their learning and next steps. All staff are keen to make sure parents and carers are clear about how their children are progressing, ways they can help and the most appropriate approaches to meet their individual children’s needs.

In order to help us improve what and how we report, the way we report to you in writing is changing. Instead of one written report in June you will receive two reports, one in December and one in late May.

The reason for this change is that Perth and Kinross Council have recognised that reporting to parents is something that can be improved upon and that staff workload needs to be addressed. Letham is one of several schools involved in a pilot project.

Your views are hugely important to this project and we want to know if the changes we have made to reporting are good changes! We will gather your views about these changes in March and June.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change then please do not hesitate to contact the school or ask a member of the Parent Council for more information.